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Dholera SIR Projects

India used to be termed as a 'land of farmers'. During its early years, its soul resided in the rural parts while urban India was slowly developing. It's a flip situation now.

Over the years, India became a part of industrial revolution which quickly led to rising opportunities in the cities and decreasing incomes in the rural parts. Hence, urbanization happened and happened too rapidly as a result of which the movement of people from rural parts to urban ones took place at an unexpected pace. This led to depletion of urban resources and drop in the living standards in the cities. It had thus become imperative for the government to find a solution to the situation and the answer came in form of 100 smart cities. Ones that shall be built on self-sustainable model, provide for basic amenities, better environment, employment opportunities and good living standard.

Dholera SIR Project, the first of the 100 smart cities is in making and is expected to be completely developed by 2040. Located in the Gulf of Khambhat region near Ahmedabad, Dholera Project is Mr. Modi’s own project; thus the extensive support from state and central government. It shall develop over 920 sq. kms and envelop 22 villages in its growth path.

dholera sir project

The following features of Dholera SIR project shall give one a quick overview about India's maiden smart city:-

  • The city shall be developed in three different phases and consist of 6 town planning schemes for better administration.
  • Dholera project shall enjoy optimal connectivity with nearby cities of Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Vadodara and India’s political capital (Delhi) and financial capital(Mumbai). Important transport projects including six lane expressway, metro rail, and extended railway route and port connectivity have been planned and shall soon be implemented.
  • A key feature of Dholera SIR project is the international airport that shall be built 20 kms from the smart city connecting it with the world.
  • Dholera Project would be closely linked to the DMIC, DFC and GIFT city which shall be instrumental in boosting the manufacturing and industrial set up in the city.
  • ICT shall be extensively used in infrastructural development of the city. Wipro Technology has been hired as ICT consultant for Dholera Project.
  • L&T has won the tender for construction of roads and services in the city. The initial infrastructure shall be constructed by 2019 and it is by this year that Dholera is expected to host about 1 lakh people.