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Dholera SIR Current Status

Are you an investor looking out for Dholera SIR current status? Don't worry, you are not alone! The maiden smart city of India has intrigued many Indians and international investors who constantly keep checking for any information related to Dholera; especially so if they are on the verge of striking a deal or having already done so.

Dholera has been a city of opportunities ever since it has been declared as the first smart city to be developed in India. Besides being an ideal place to set up manufacturing plants and initiate industrial units, it also serves as a great investment destination on the real estate front. No wonder real estate firms from all over India have expressed interest in building projects in the city and construction activities can be seen in all corners of Dholera.

Similarly, global investors have started piling up on commercial, industrial and residential properties in the city and would hold it till they fetch them heavy returns. Sentiments amongst the Indian investor community are also positive and they are investing largely into Dholera with a mid-term vision. These are the ones keenest to keep a follow up on Dholera SIR current status. Following are the latest developments in the city:-

Development of initial infrastructure has begun in the city and Dholera shall become habitable by 2019. As per estimates, about 1 lakh people shall thrive in the city and on its resources by 2019.

L&T have begun construction activities for roads and services after winning Rs. 1,734 crore EPC contract earlier this year.

Wipro Technology has been hired as ICT consultant for Dholera project. Investors can now be doubly assured about the city being developed as a smarter city

Global defence suppliers have been allotted 8 Sq. Kms industrial plots in Dholera for the purpose of testing and storage of defence equipment. This is a step taken after Dholera was considered as a potential artillery and aerospace hub.

Dholera Airport is expected to have 2 runways and a capacity to accommodate 1200 passengers. The facility should be ready for use by 2020.

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Dholera Current Status