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Dholera SIR Overview

Dholera SIR has been often referred to as the 'engine of economic resurgence of India'. Undoubtedly the region holds boundless growth potential and is capacitated to drive key sectors of the country. Dholera special investment region which was once a small town in Gujarat is now the largest greenfield project of India. It is to be developed on 920 Sq. Km area close by Ahmedabad and falls under the Gulf of Khambhat region in Gujarat. Enveloping 22 villages on its growth path, SIR Dholera is the first of the 100 smart cities to be developed in India. Conceptualized by Mr. Narendra Modi, the city commensurate his progressive ideology and shall thus be developed as an ideal city that would serve as an exemplary example for others that shall follow suite. Plans are to develop Dholera SIR Gujarat twice the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai.

Besides exhibiting infrastructural intelligence, the city shall display optimal usage of Information and Communication Technology and smart features thus promoting better living standard and reduced consumption of resources. Dholera SIR shall entail exclusive components specific to a smart city which includes adequate supply

of water and electricity, proper sanitation, easy urban mobility and access to public transport, growing reliance on online services for reduced cost and increased transparency, affordable housing options, digitalization , e-governance, health and education facilities, healthcare facilities, creation of walkable localities with reduced pollution and fresher air and provision for safety and security for residents. Most importantly, SIR Dholera shall be built on a self-sustainable model with core infrastructure built up and provide for good living standard through a clean and healthy environment and adequate employment opportunities.

Dholera Special Investment Region's development has been divided into three almost equal development phase, each focused on development of specific region and economic sector which has been arrived at based upon estimated time-wise growth of the city. By the end of 2040, when Dholera SIR shall be completely developed, it shall have 5 lakh new residential units and population of 2 million people thriving on 8 lakh new employment opportunities generated through the countless industrial and manufacturing set ups within and on the outskirts of the region.

DSIR's location, which is close to DMIC acts as an amplifier to the overall development plan of the city. The five year project goal of DMIC is to double employment potential, triple industrial output and quadruple exports from the region. Dholera SIR, being a special investment node on the DMIC gets directly impacted by this target and thus assumes an unmatched developmental pace.

The connectivity of the city through all possible means of transport including Dholera International Airport plays a vital role in making it an investment destination of international interest. With continuous support from state and central government, funding has never been an issue for the smart city. More of it is flowing through alternate channels, a major part of which is expected from foreign sources.

One glimpse at the city now can assure you of the forthcoming growth and you may see in the city a sustainable and replicable model which can inspire the remaining 100 that are on the verge of development.