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location & connectivity

If it had to be any other location, Dholera’s growth could not have been at its current superfast pace. Dholera location can be termed 'perfect' which acts as a catalyst to its development and makes the city as popular as it is today.

DSIR, the city encompassing 22 villages in Gujarat is covered by land on one side and water on three. Gulf of Khambhat, Bavaliari Creek and Sonaria Creek surround it on the eastern, northern and southern side respectively while the Western side opens into vast land space measuring 920 Sq. Km. The water bodies make it a port city and make way for excellent transit mechanism via sea thus augmenting its manufacturing and trading capabilities.

Dholera is closely located to Ahmedabad at a mere distance of 100 Kms. \Dedicated Freight Corridor in central Gujarat is just 100 Kms away from the smart city paving way for convenient logistic support for the region. Other important cities that are well connected to Dholera include Mumbai (516 kms), Delhi (815 kms), Surat (278 kms), Jamnagar (313 kms) , Rajkot (225 kms) and Gandhinagar (128 kms). Close distance to these cities has been instrumental in attracting investors to Dholera and accelerating growth of real estate sector in the city. Real estate sector is also seen receiving attention from global cities; credit goes to the ongoing construction of Dholera international airport by virtue of which DSIR has achieved global status.

Dholera location close to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad has led to devising a metro route between the cities. The high speed metro rail shall also connect Dholera to the international airport and important urban centers within the city. Similarly Dholera shall be connected to Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar by six lane expressway and to Mumbai via Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar through National Highway 8.

The transport network planned to and from Dholera was imperative to support the economic activities that are expected to increase exponentially over time and make it a city capable of propelling India's overall economic growth.