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Delhi Mumbai
Industrial Corridor

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Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is a Central Government infrastructure initiative
aimed at developing new industrial cities as "Smart Cities" and converging next generation

With an aim to create futuristic industrial cities through High Speed-High Connectivity enabled
by the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC), the Flagship

programme of the Government of India, is being established, promoted, and facilitated
through an SPV Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development
Corporation Ltd. (DMICD)

Phase I of the programme will see development of eight manufacturing cities including the
Ahmedabad-Dholera Investment Region is connected to DFCIR. Development of initial infra-
structure has begun in the city and Dholera shall become habitable by 2019. As per estimates,
about 1 lakh people shall thrive in the city and on its resources by 2019.

Projects under DIMC