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Delhi - Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor is a revolutionary infrastructural and industrial project undertaken by Government of India with the aim to boost up Indian economy by constructing industries, townships and various amenities across 1, 483 kms long corridor that shall connect the political capital (Delhi) to the financial capital (Mumbai). With end terminals at Dadri in Delhi NCR and Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Mumbai, the corridor shall pass through Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The ambitious project shall influence 14% of Indian population on its path residing in 82 districts and 6 states. The colossal length of the corridor shall span 17% of the total Indian land area. Of this 17%, DMIC Dholera shall cover 62% of Gujarat’s land area making Dholera the most prominent region in the state facing highest impact. 18 districts out of 24 in Gujarat shall fall under the influence zone of DMIC Dholera. The smart city’s economic development shall thus be exponential and so shall be the impact in surrounding business centers of Gujarat. Global investors have begun taking a note of Gujarat as an ideal investment destination. DMIC Dholera has also initiated development of key industrial sectors within the city and on its outskirts. The rapidly rising economic opportunities in the maiden smart city shall result in generation of 8 lakh new jobs which shall feed 2 million residents by 2040.

DMIC dholera

Dedicated Freight Project (DFC) which shall run along the railway line would serve as a backbone for DMIC by providing logistics support to the project and enabling both way transport of raw materials and finished good. Powered by 24 special investment nodes, DMIC shall feature 8 of them in its first phase of development. DMIC Dholera, the first smart city of India is also one of its investment nodes and would be crucial in collective development of the corridor and fast track industrial progress within Gujarat.

The special investment nodes have been planned and formed along the DMIC to support development activities within the corridor. They shall be responsible for:

  • Facilitating establishment and functioning of businesses;
  • Fast track factory set up processes;
  • Ensure land acquisition process is smoothened out and resources are easily and cheaply available;
  • Enabling seamless transport facilities across the nation through port and other transit modes.