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Property In Dholera Sir

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Property In Dholera Sir

Dholera has emerged as the fastest growing Greenfield city of India since it has been declared as India maiden smart city. With this, many industries in the city have progressed rapidly and a plethora of economic opportunities have opened up for its residents.

Similar is the case for real estate markets as property in Dholera SIR has suddenly come into limelight and has become an attraction for worldwide investors. With sudden rise in rates of Dholera SIR property, many in the city have become rich overnight. Dholera was land of many unfortunate ones who held vast expanse of agricultural lands but could hardly earn themselves two meals a day through farming due to high salt content in soil. Their property in Dholera SIR has suddenly become diamond mines and is being sold at sky-high prices.

Nirmalsinh Chudasma is one such lucky farmer who has sold off his land and become a full-time real estate business owner. Few years back, he owned 900 vigahs of land of which only 500 vigahs were productive while rest were non-fertile due to salinity. Each vigah hardly earned him Rs. 3000-3500 a month. Now, he has sold out a large portion of his property in Dholera SIR at once unimaginable prices and is an influential BJP leader

Dholera is an important special investment node on the DMIC and shall develop manifold in the forthcoming years. Thus, Dholera SIR property makes an excellent investment option for anyone in search of a safe and stable place to lock his excess funds in