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Dholera Smart City welcomes NRI investors.

NRI Investment in Indian Real Estate is a perpetual phenomenon and more often an emotional decision. Every Indian, irrespective of in which country he resides in, looks forward to having a home in his country of origin and experiences immense satisfaction in purchasing one. Besides, NRI Investment in Indian real estate is financially beneficial in myriad ways which we shall explain in the section below.

Let us have a look at few reasons that draws most NRI’s to purchase a property in India:-

Population outburst and rapid urbanization

India is currently amidst the crisis of rapidly rising urbanization. With this, the demand for residential housing units in the urban parts of the country is rising incessantly. Another factor that contributes to perpetual rise in housing demand is the ever and exponentially increasing population of India. With increase in demand, the prices of property shall remain stable and a good return on investment can be expected on NRI investment in Indian real estate.

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Foreign Currency

Purchasing a property in Indian rupee is often cheaper for a NRI than buying one in foreign currency in the city of residence. The currency factor thus plays an important role on making NRI investment in Indian real estate a lucrative deal.

Tax Regime

Indian tax laws are favorable for NRI investment in Indian property market. If the property purchased by a NRI is held for 3 years and then sold, long term capital gain tax shall accrue at the rate of 20%. Such capital gain tax can be inflation adjusted and would come to a nominal amount which is negligible when compared to the profits earned from the property. Moreover, such capital gain tax can be escaped from if the NRI decides to re-invest the sale proceeds in any other property in India.

Rental Income

NRI may decide to rent out the property purchased in India. In such case, he is not liable to pay any tax on one third of the rental income earned. Such income can be adjusted against repair and maintenance expenses for the property whether incurred or not.

Home back home

In case NRI desires to spend his retired life in India, NRI investment in Indian real estate pays off completely in the last stage of his life as he can spend his retirement years amongst his close ones in his own country.